War on Iraq

Nation lying in Ruins

Most devastating war of this century which lefts millions dead in Iraq. Will there ever be an Inquiry?



Tens of Millions


Tens of Millions

homes Destroyed

8 Trillion

USD Wasted

Join our movement to demand a transparent and public inquiry.

Invasion of Iraq was the deadliest war of 21st Century which resulted in destabilisation across entire Middle Eastern region. This was one of the main reasons for Wars in Syria and subsequent refugee waves to Lebanon, Turkey and Europe. These wars left tens of millions dead, displaced. However to this date, there have been not a single, transparent and public inquiry into any of these wars!

15 out of every 100


150 Reporters Killed

Middle East Destabilized

0 WMDs Found

Global Outrage

When the Iraq War took place in 2003 there was an outcry across the World about its legitimacy. Few were for the war whilst mostly others were against it.

Will You Do Your Part?

Write to your local Member of Parliament. Encourage them to push for an public and transparent inquiry into Iraq Invasion and our involvement in it. It’s too late to undo the immense damage and loss of lives due to the War on Iraq but the least we could do is to learn lessons from this dark chapter of our history!

Aftermath Iraq War 3

War on Iraq

President George W.Bush, supported by great Britain, in particular Blair, invaded Iraq on March 19, 2003. The blasts that shot across Baghdad, Iraq’s Capital, marked the beginning of military action to overthrow Saddam Hussein.

Australian Involvement

So how did Australia get involved in all this? Australia was invited to assist by the US, and it was compelled to comply with that sort of request, in return for US military protection of its own country. Why was this?

Australian Invasion of Iraq
Iraq War Inquiry

Iraq Invasion Inquiry

Not only Bush, but Blair also exaggerated the threat that was posed by the Iraqi regime. They made a strong case for Military build-up for the invasion but did not consider the warnings or the consequences that would arise from this military action.

Australian Inquiry

John Howard was adamant in defending the war, saying that it was justified at the time. This was despite the scathing Chilcot report that came out by the UK, on the decision of Tony Blair, British Prime minister to go to war in Iraq in 2003.

No Australian Iraq War Inquiry

Death & Destruction!

The war in Iraq had devastating effects. Not only were millions of Iraqis and USA soldiers killed, thousands of Iraqis were forced to leave their broken country and to seek safety and security elsewise.