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Invasion of Iraq was intentionally misconstrued as Iraq War to make it sound like it was a War between two opposing countries and that there was a casus belli that led to US and its allies to invade Iraq. Matter of fact is even then most of the Global population knew that the entire basis of war was on the basis of lies. But now that time has passed, we all know the Weapons of Mass Destruction lies that was spun by George W Bush, Tony Blair and company led to an illegal occupation which resulted in millions of deaths, tens of millions homes destroyed, and even more importantly destruction of an independent country. This was never a War but an illegal occupation and invasion and should be openly pointed out.

Iraq is still a cesspit of human rights abuses including but not limited to torture, kidnappings, extortions, rapes and murder. It has dozens of militant groups vying for control and what started out as invasion by USA, UK and Australia of Iraq now has even more global and regional players like Russia, Israel, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Iran etc each fighting for their own vested interests. However we must never forget one critical question!

That question is how did we get here!? Was it oil? Was it based on the nazi belief of being a superior race? Was it because the victim was not White and were not Jewish or Christians? Were there geostrategic ambitions in the region? Were there lobbies for Military Industrial Complex to sell more weapons and make more money from suffering of Iraqis? Or may be it’s a combination of all these. The point is we will never find out!

Iraq War is the worst human disaster of this century. While ordinarily one may think an event like this would have resulted in inquiries from United Nations and other global bodies, sadly the life of brown Iraqis were never considered worthy of an open investigation let alone trials.

Australia openly took part in this illegal invasion. We not only offered technical support to US for this illegal but provided our troops on the ground to fight alongside other invading forces. So we cannot absolve ourselves by blaming this on Americans and British. We played an equal part in this cruelty. The only way forward is to recognise what we did, conduct free and fair investigations, hold public and transparent trials of those that benefitted from this War and offer reparations and offer technical, financial support to Iraqis who are trying to rebuild their country that we left in ruins. This is what this website aims to achieve with popular grassroots level support of ordinary Australians.